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Oslo, Norway, August 10th, 2008. Following their 200th gig, playing before 2000 people at the Øya festival, SUNN O))) teamed up with Norwegian legends ULVER at their Oslo studio, Crystal Canyon. They recorded three “live in improvisation” pieces, starting that evening and ending at dawn, as Northern sunlight seeped in through the windows.

“We were sitting in the console room, early in the morning, listening to the takes. Someone said, ‘ah, sunrise over Crystal Canyon,’ as if the night had been a dark one. We all laughed and Greg proposed it as a title. In that setting it sounded perfect. The boys had mentioned wanting the music to orient towards the light, like some lost pilgrim stretching before the sun. We kept that mental picture for the processing.” – Kristoffer Rygg

That take became the album’s opening piece, “Let there be light,” which builds up from silence and darkness and proceeds – ceremoniously, coruscating – O’Malley and O’Sullivan creating the backdrop for Rygg’s Basso Profondo chants. The music unfolds over eight minutes before reaching a crescendo of bass and brass, introducing both Anderson and ULVER as we know them. The Sunn has risen.

“Western horn” accelerates on a single and austere note of sustained bass and low end, evolving gradually into a haunted soundscape. Crying violins, clusters of Fender Rhodes, guitar pickups, and metal plate drones are gradually layered beneath Anderson’s augmented bass feedback.

“Eternal return” introduces Rygg singing a lyric evoking ancient Greece, Egypt and the Biblical lands. The song is palindromic, echoing the lyric, beginning and ending with the same bass line and musical pattern, though the guitars are ultimately reversed as the song implodes upon itself.

“Terrestrials”; is  three movements which are fluid like the flow of magma beneath the Earth’s crust, sonically uninhibited, unpredictably cosmic, haunting and stirring yet simultaneously ceremonious and beautiful.


Southern Lord


Stream ‘Flaming Side Of The Moon’, The Flaming Lips’ New Companion Piece To ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ And ‘The Wizard Of Oz’.

March, 31st 2014 – (Burbank, CA.) – THE FLAMING LIPS  continue to explore the rich world of PINK FLOYD with their new digital release, FLAMING SIDE OF THE MOON.

Designed as an immersive companion piece to the original 1973 album, DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, listeners are encouraged to listen to the new LIPS album while listening to DARK SIDE at the same time. FLAMING SIDE OF THE MOON was also carefully crafted to sync up perfectly with the 1939 film, THE WIZARD OF OZ. For ideal listening conditions, fans are encouraged to seek out the original Alan Parsons’ engineered quadraphonic LP mix of DARK SIDE, but it will work with the album on any format. Available now through all participating digital outlets.

A limited edition 100 vinyl copies will be distributed to friends and family of THE FLAMING LIPS.




It is always the same with those muses. Much too often, they cast their spells briefly, fit a certain event, moment, a zeitgeist forgotten much too quickly. Those who want to pass the test of time need to have more than just good lucks or a fair share of luck. They need to establish trends instead of copying them, need to lead where others follow. And that’s exactly what TYING TIFFANY is doing since 2005. She floats through her very own seducing cosmos, enchants with a style that is as authentic as it is flawless, provides fresh impulse with her unmistakable sound. With „Drop“, she dives even deeper down into her universe of technoid Electro, Wave, Ambient and Indie.

Life is not happening in sterile night clubs and posh bars. It happens under the streets, in the shadows – places where the swells never dare to go. Here, right at the pulse of the underground, life is different, the rules are different. An altogether different regiment sets the tone. And TYING TIFFANY is its queen. „Drop“ proves this once again and invites into a shimmering, uncanny, wicked and yet gentle Electro fairy tale that echoes through the night. She is the night, and with her driving rhythms, her luscious voice and this simply unbeatable atmosphere of nocturnal loneliness she embodies all that each and every one of us connects with a perfect night: Sex, fun, sensibility. Forevermore.

The magic of „Drop“, however, is not limited to the lush performance. Or to TYING TIFFANYs whispered, dreamed, breathed, screamed temptations. Instead, it is anchored in an altogether new musical world that uses the predecessor „Dark Days, White Nights“ only as a starting point from which to emerge into a new sonic adventure. Just like after a one-night stand, the artist awakes with the break of dawn, leaves her lover behind and walks away. To a new destination, into a new night. For that much is certain in her atmospheric, dark, magical, ambiguous Electro/Ambient cosmos: There will always be another night. And it will always belong to her.




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