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Kylee Kimbrough is an unbelievable badass. The drummer, songwriter, and vocalist behind the wide-eyed, abrasive Atlanta post-punk trio Dasher screams in this hoarse, otherworldly voice. On the band’s new 7″, out May 10 with “Go Rambo” on the A-side, she’s not fucking around. Straight-faced, she growls “time flies, watch out, you might wash out” and then the word “suicide” a couple times. Later, when she’s already illustrated the full power of her awesomely intimidating scream, she doubles up on the vocals, so near the end, there’s a near-continuous set of guttural, demonic voices draped over swirling guitars. It’s a song that doesn’t let up. Nor should it. This is a band at the height of their nihilistic powers.

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