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For me, painting is not about pursuing fame, gaining a reputation and being praised by the art critique. Painting is a personal realm, one in which to hide, to cry out and to escape. When I need to speak up, painting is my tongue; when I need to make a war, it is my spear; when I am tired and need a place to lie down, it is my shelter; and when I have committed a sin as a human, painting is my intimate confession. I choose to employ an illustrative approach to making my pictures. Narrative imagery is still needed in the contemporary world, as mythology is still alive. Mythology will always exist as long as humans continue to make art and tell stories.

Somewhere between Kuniyoshi, the last great master of ukiyo-e printmaking and the godfather of brutal surrealism in Japanese art, and Toshio Saeki, the foremost practitioner of bizarre, beautiful ukiyo-e inspired erotica sits Mu Pan, a Brooklyn-based artist channelling all the darkest, most surreal elements of his genius predecessors into large, complex watercolours and oil paintings. Mu’s work is not for the faint of heart; it’s riddled with explorations of the darker sides of humanity and serves as a fantasy satirisation of contemporary life.

Granted, Mu may not be to everyone’s tastes – who can blame you for not wanting pictures of large-breasted lizards under siege by lilliputian armies hanging on your living room wall – but for those of us with a predilection for the weird, this guy offers the very finest blend of prodigious artistic talent and twisted imagination.

Empty Kingdom

Mu Pan main site

Mu Pan on Facebook


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When you look at the works by Vania Zouravliov, you feel being enthralled by illusions of the wonderful world where beauty is mixed with the ugliness, life with the decay and everything is interpenetrated with the blazing sensuality. His works are vibrant, they communicate the simple elements of life to the viewers in the most expressive and memorable way. What can describe the diversity of reality better than the explicit symbols like the opposition of dark and eroticism that is frequently found in his images? Speaking about this artist, we speak about the mature talent, inspiring provocative and symbolic art. While browsing his versatile portfolio you can notice the beautiful oriental motifs, elements related to Russian tales, the animal theme is also described in his art.  All his works are created with the desire and each of them has a certain zest and bears some message.

He was born in Russia and inspired from an early age by influences as diverse as The Bible, Dante’s Divine Comedy, early Disney animation and North American Indians. Something of a child prodigy in his homeland, he was championed by many influential classical musicians including Ashkenazi, Spivakov and Menuhin. He even had television programs made about him and was introduced to famous communist artists, godfathers of social realism, who told him that his work was from the Devil.

By the age of 13, Vania Zouravliov was exhibiting internationally, visited Canterbury several times as well as Paris, Colmar and Berlin. He subsequently studied in the UK, and during this time began creating illustrations for The Scotsman and comics for Fantagraphics and Dark Horse in the US. His most recent projects have been for Beck’s The Information and National Geographic.


Vania Zouravliov main site



YAITW (Young and in the Way) are a blackened metal/crust hybrid from the shadows of North Carolina. Over the last four years YAITW have evolved through multiple releases from vicious monster to multi-headed beast. With each offering melding a vicious metal speed and hypnotic atmospherics with a bleak hardcore/punk spirit.

“When Life Comes To Death” is the newest album from YAITW. It is their eleven song war between the pain of living and the magnetic pull of death. Each song is as dispirited and vitriolic as the next. Embattled opener “Betrayed By Light” emerges from darkness first, setting an ominous tone with haunting buzz-saw guitars, vicious vocals, and crushing d-beat drumming. While YAITW embrace demon speed and emotional dynamics in nihilistic hymns “Be My Blood”, “Take My Hand”, “We Are Nothing”, and more. All leading to closers “Shadow of Murder” and “Embrace Extinction”, that together play as an aural eclipse of truly epic proportions.

Track Listing:
01. Betrayed By Light
02. Fuck This Life
03. Be My Blood
04. Self Inflicted
05. Loved and Unwanted
06. We Are Nothing
07. Final Dose
08. Weep In My Dust
09. Take My Hand
10. Shadow Of Murder
11. Embrace Extinction

In stores may 27th

Pre-order now in the Deathwish Store

Deathwish Inc.

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